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At Pollaro's Martial Arts, we make training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) fun and practical.  We focus on teaching techniques that are effective regardless of age, experience, or physique.  

Our classes teach techniques that are effective in both tournament/sparring situations and also in real world self defense scenarios.  Our instructor, Nick Pollaro, worked as a police officer for twenty years and is a law enforcement instructor.  Because of his experience with the police, Nick is able to add realistic self defense to our classes.  Nick is the author of The Arm Wrap Series for Safe Law Enforcement.

We put great emphasis on safety.  Students are never pushed beyond their comfort level.  Although we make numerous opportunities available for students who wish to compete at tournaments, attending tournaments is never required or expected.

Contact us to schedule a free introductory class.

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Our mats are washed and disinfected daily.  


Pollaro's Martial Arts is located in Plainfield, Indiana and is just a short distance away from Indianapolis, Avon, and Brownsburg.  We offer free introductory classes for anyone who wants to try Jeet Kune Do and/or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Simply fill out our Contact form and tell us what day you would like to come in.  If you are curious about what your first class will be like or have a question about proper attire, take a look at What to Expect.

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