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The Doberman

The Black Belt


Nick and Xia, 2021

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Nick Pollaro is a huge dog lover, as are many of his students.  Xia, his beloved Doberman Pinscher, inspired the school logo and much more.  After achieving the rank of Black Belt in BJJ, Nick set out to fulfill yet another dream:  He had always wanted a Doberman.  Xia was just eight weeks old when Nick brought her home in 2016.  Constantly at Nick’s side, he began to take her with him to the school when she was just three months old.  Xia had a playful disposition, a natural affinity for protection and tracking work, and she loved people.  She quickly became the school mascot.  Xia brought an immeasurable amount of joy to Nick and everyone at the school.  When Nick decided to put the Doberman at the center of the school logo, it was perfect.  Xia definitely earned her place in the logo and in the hearts of many.  Sadly, Nick lost Xia to a rare liver disease in 2021. The logo has become more than just an identity for Pollaro’s Martial Arts.  It is a tribute to Xia, the Doberman that will be forever at the heart of this Black Belt.


The PASSION for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu led to a PURPOSE for pets.

Pollaro’s Martial Arts specializes in the defensive discipline of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and we are also committed to the defense of vulnerable pets. Pollaro’s Martial Arts is proud to support the life-saving work of area animal shelters and rescues.

Since Xia’s passing, Nick has adopted two Dobermans from Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus. 

Pollaro’s Martial Arts accepts on-site pet food and pet supply donations for the

Hendricks County Animal Shelter and hosts two Open Roll Fundraisers for the shelter each year.

Also rescued from IDR+, Gator is now the reigning Doberman and constant canine companion in Nicks life. 

Burt (age 12) was Nicks first dog from Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus.  Although he was with Nick for only 7 months before he passed, Burts loving personality and larger-than-life presence left an unforgettable impression on everyone he met. 

Donations accepted during school hours only.






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